Born in 1823 Elizabeth Hayes founded the Missionary Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception who this year celebrated the 200 years since her birth.

The mfic Sisters gathered for a number of sessions prior to the 6th May celebration of the death of the founder Elizabeth Hayes to reflect on her life and contribution.  These sessions were organised and led by Sr Francine Shaw who wrote the most recent book on the life of  Elizabeth Hayes which focussed on her legacy as the author of the first Franciscan journal in the US.  Her book is  Elizabeth Hayes: Pioneer Franciscan Journalist.

Elizabeth Hayes founded a missionary Institute which grew to serve in Egypt, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Bolivia, Tchad, South Sudan and a number of other locations.  The mfic Sisters came to Australia to set up a school in Kedron in 1930.

Artisit Jen Norton has written a new icon of  Elizabeth Hayes for this year of celebration.