Mission Overview

Our Franciscan appreciation for creation resonates with the deeper understanding of cosmology and the interconnectedness of all things, all peoples and the whole universe.

This belief challenges us to be relational, non-violent, prophetic communities, reaching out to all for justice, peace, healing and reconciliation. We believe that our mission is not only what we do, but who we are in relationship.

The Missionary Franciscan Sisters in the Australia celebrated 80 years of mission in 2010. Across those 80 years the sisters have worked in schools, parishes, dioceses, and hospitals as teachers, social workers, nurses, pastoral workers, counsellors, leaders and friends. We have worked across Australia in cities and country towns, in Indigenous and in ethnic communities in Australia, Papua New Guinea, Tchad, Thailand, China, Egypt, Bolivia, England and Italy.

Our mission is to the isolated, the lonely, the elderly, the marginalised, the needy, the homeless, and the ordinary person in the street. Our mission is not so much the work that we do, but rather the way that we do it!

The Missionary Franciscan Sisters of
the Immaculate Conception seek to:

Manifest God’s universal compassion
through inclusive non-dominating relationships of love.

Trust in God’s providence and live in a manner
that affirms the right of all to a just share of earth’s resources.

Discern together the voice of the Spirit
which has called us to be one in our diversity.

In the Spirit of Francis, Clare and Elizabeth Hayes, we
Open ourselves to a life of continued conversion
in response to the call of the Gospel.

Identify with the victim, the poor and the marginalised
in seeking a peace built on justice.

Reverence creation, acknowledging
the right of all God’s creatures to enjoy its blessings.

Address the need within ourselves for repentance, forgiveness
and healing while promoting a message of reconciliation.