MFIC Sisters gather in Northern Ireland


Extended General Council Forum 2018

In September Sisters from the Australian, Canada, England, Northern Ireland, Papua New Guinea, Peru, South Sudan, and the United States gathered in Larne in Northern Ireland to further the work of the General Chapter 2017.

The gathering included the initial meeting of the newly set up commissions for finance and formation which met with Leaders for the first three days. In the days following these meetings General Leadership Team met with the Circle Leaders for three days, followed by meetings with the Circle representatives from the newly expanded Portiuncula Circle.

Sr Catherine White, Australian Leader, and Mrs Bernadette Turton, Business Manager for the Australian Circle, were the representatives for Australia. Australian Sister Pauline Robinson, who was elected Minister General last year, welcomed the participants to Larne.

The retreat centre in Larne which has the beautiful historic house “Drumalis” at its centre is operated by the Sisters of the Cross and Passion. Drumalis was the location of the General Chapter last year. The beautiful grounds and nearby woods and ocean walks were appreciated by the forum members.