New General Leadership Team


The General Chapter meeting at Drumalis Retreat Centre in Larne, N. Ireland has set the future direction of the Sisters for the next five years and elected a new and diverse General Leadership Team.

Sr Pauline Robinson from Australia was elected to the role of General Minister. The role of Vicaress, or Assistant Leader, was taken up by Sr Marie Puleo who comes from the United States Circle. The two Councillors are Sr Danielle Julien who belongs to the Canadian Circle, and Sr Rosella Lasi who comes from the Papua New Guinea Circle. Sr Danielle was on the previous General Leadership Team. It is the first time and Papuan New Guinea Sister has been elected to leadership at the Generalate level in our Institute, so it was a historic moment for the delegates gathered at Chapter.

All of the Sisters elected to the team bring experience in Leadership, an understanding of the diverse needs of the Institute which is spread across eleven countries, and a desire to move into the future with hope. The theme of the Chapter was “I am the Vine…Prune for fruitfulness”.

The Chapter members took time to thanks the out going team for their contribution to the life of the Institure over the past five years. Sr Jeanette Guadet, Sr Terentia