Sr Francois is on the move once again. The Sisters gathered on the front drive of the Kedron Convent to farewell Sr Francois on her short term mission to Cunnamulla where she will assist Parish Pastoral Leader Sr Maureen Andrews. Sr Francois spent five decades in Aitape Diocese of PNG. She worked in education, health care and pastoral capacities. Among her many practical talents was an ability to ride a bike on rough unsurfaced roads, drive a car across swollen rivers, and oversee a variety of building projects. She served as Treasurer for many years. Sr Francois visits Cunnamulla each year for a number of weeks, assisting Sr Maureen in the parish. Her energy is amazing for a woman who has passed her 80th birthday some time ago. Francois took a spare mobility scooter to Cunnamulla this time – driving into the Maxi taxi for the trip to the train which will take her to Cunnamulla. When not on the scooter, Francois makes use of a long staff to help her get about. Enjoy the west Fran, we hope you take them rain and enjoy your time of service there. Sr Maureen, a social worker, has been in Cunnamulla for four years. Prior to her tie there Sr Maureen was in Goondiwindi before serving as Australian Leader for four years. She has just renewed with the Diocese for a further three years. Maureen took up the role in the Diocese with the departure of the Sisters of Mercy who had served there for many. many decades.